“Unant” 12″ vinyl preorder

Salut friends,
My new 12″ vinyl project “Unant” is up for Preorder.
“Unant” is a dark, atmospheric and epic drone piece.

While my first Vinyl “Prairie” was a bright journey from hazy hills to light-flooded plains this second release “Unant” is quite the opposite story. It is an odyssey through dark and shady woods. A soundtrack to a dark night where plundering desperados wander around spreading devastation and unsettledness. A monumental piece that deals with the absurdity of life and struggle of being, while shimmering hope is flashing up.

The one sided “Unant” 12“ vinyl comes in a distinguished screen printed recycling
cardboard sleeve, screen printed B side and with stamped back and label, hand
made with love and care in Berlin. Edition of 100

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