Naihehe // Digital album + cassette tape // Etoka Records

My first full length album has just been released on Liverpool based Etoka Records. It is available on cassette tape and as digital release.

“Naihehe” is inspired by huge caves around the world. Enormous echo spaces, cavernous spaces, versatile reverberation, natural surroundings and heavily modified sound and field recordings: from slowed down bat sounds to water and wind in caves to clicks, noises and slipping rocks.

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Echogarden Radioshow // Echopod

I curated and mixed a podcast for the Echogarden Radioshow on
Last week live on air, now also for streaming and download online. The Echogarden Radioshow is presented by coltep & wenzel mehnert, thanks for having me.

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Deep Electronics podcast

I made a mix for Netherland based “Deep Electronics“. It is a dubby foretaste of spring with dubby textures, soothing landscapes and hints of sunshine.

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Xars // Tape Release // Sonic Soundscape Lab

My new tape and digital EP is out now on Sonic Soundscape Lab, newly found sublabel of Superb Recordings.

I am still fascinated by the sound reverberation of huge underground caves, vast spaces, natural surroundings, as well as sound reverberation in human made architecture.

In “Xars” I develop the idea in the direction of deep and dubbed out techno, creating more architectural spaces, using sound and field recordings of big city spaces such as garages and cellars, as well as nature recordings.

I push more in the direction of using tape pops, crackles and interferences as well as click n cut sounds from my two noise modules to create significant percussive sounds as well as lots of field and sound recordings – from heavily modified nature recordings to garage door openers, steps, stones and glitches.
Sonic Soundscape Lab // SSL#001

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Skocjan EP // Archives

My “Skocjan” EP has just been released on the spanish label “Archives“.
The “Skocjan” EP features deep and dark sounds in three different dub cuts and I`m really happy and honoured about the extraordinary reinterpretations by french artist “Upwellings” and slovenian artist “Organon”.

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hello ▼ strange podcast #151

I have contributed an episode for the russian podcast series hello ▼ strange.

About the mix:
I recently bought “The Brothers Lionheart” by Astrid Lindgren for my niece and ended up rereading the book for myself first. In this mix I am inspired by the story and setting of this book. Especially the part where one of the characters is held prison in an underground cave, while outside people put up resistance against their suppressor.
There might be darker passages in the story but you will also be rewarded with rays of sunlight, encouraging moments and hope.

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spiel:feld Podcast // Stralauer Halbinsel

I have created an episode for the great spiel:feld podcast series. Its`s a deep and dark journey, inspired by walks along the bank of Berlin´s “Stralauer Halbinsel”.

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Quantifizierung der Irrelevanz

I released an EP on “heiter bis wolkig” including remixes by konstant., Jan Hertz, Zellophane and akustikhaack.
With „Quantifizierung der Irrelevanz“ Rob releases a playful and rough piece of music, featuring jumpy chords, percussive noises and a confident kickdrum. As if the track itself
wasn’t enough, Robert produced two videos full of odd humor to accompany the release and invited his friends (including himself) to add their very own interpretations.

Bandcamp Release

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