I created a mix for MOSHItaka

I recorded this mix after a little timeout, away from the city. I called it “Stadtflucht” (I think exodus from the city is the English meaning). I escaped from an active construction site where I live and from the loud and crowded city. I think this mix reflects that. There is still some hum and distant noise, that seems to reverberate, but from a safe distance in a natural environment.


Une Belle Rencontre // Remix

I am part of this awesome remix project on Tehnofonika Records.
Available on Cd and digital.

Allgemein music

hello strange // Mix

I recorded a new mix for russian “hello strange“.
Deep drones, dub and glitches…fitting the current weather.


KNK // Vinyl Dubplate // Etoka Records

I`m really excited to share my latest project with you. “Knk” has just been released on Liverpool based Etoka Records, digitally and as super limited Vinyl Dubplate with hand printed covers, hand stamped and numbered.

About “KNK”:
“KNK” started more as a sounddesign project, since i wanted to provide my new sampler with interesting sounds and samples. All percussive elements are created with tape pops and cracks and hisses, which I recorded from old tapes, sampled and heavily modified, also click`n cut sounds with my 2 noise modules.
Combined with hypnotic chords these two tracks grew quickly a life of their own.
Only 10 dubplates so better be quick if you want to be proud owner of one ;)


The Moon – Sonic Soundscape Lab

My new album “The Moon” has just been released on Sonic Soundscape Lab. Available digitally and as cassette tape.

About “The Moon”:
The Moon” is a narrative journey and a vivid soundtrack. It is radio drama – as well as electronic track. The music is arranged around original radio messages from the Apollo 8 mission. Apollo 8 was the first manned spacecraft to leave Earth orbit, reach the Earth’s Moon, orbit it and return safely to Earth.

A soundtrack to a movie never made, a modern version of a classical radio play with contemporary electronic music.
The cassette tape is a high bias ferro tape, duplicated by Analogcut Mastering Berlin. Hand printed, hand stamped and hand numbered. Booklet with liner notes. One Apollo 8 mission badge sticker. Packaged in a metalic silver zip lock bag, inspired by the space food packaging on the International Space Station.

I hope you enjoy the flight.