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Index Festival NYC

I´ll be participating in the Index Festival NYC with three video pieces, one brand new and never shown.

August 18-27, 2011
Monday-Friday 3:30PM-7:30PM
Clemente Soto Velez Cultural & Educational Center
107 Suffolk Street, NY, NY
Opening August 18 from 6PM-8PM

Rules can be defined as a prescribed guide for conduct or action.
In life, rules are often prescribed to us, but we find the exceptions,
break and even make new rules constantly. They become the foundation
of any structure and are a major part of game design, spiritual practice
and instruction. This exhibition of multidisciplinary projects questions,
our perception and the necessary process of the construction and
deconstruction of rules. Some projects are built for others to engage with.
While other works pay homage to them, bounce off and/or find ways around the rules

ARTISTS: Graw Boeckler with Tujiko Noriko, Ryan Brennan, Robert Heel, Luna Maurer, Elias Melad, Antonio Serna

CURATED BY Cornelia Lund + Kristin Trethewey

exhibition installation instructional film screening visual music vj live

hands on sound – Stage

28 – 30 JANUARY 2011

hands on sound – Stage// usually known as lupita bar
Event: el camino sonoro
Artists: Jan Paul Herzer & Max Kullmann and more

Exhibition: 28 January – 30 January 2011 – starting at 16:00
El camino sonoro, a parcours of four different sound installations.
Cost: Free admission, shows at night 3 – 5 EUR (depending on live act / DJ)

Screening and Performances
: 29 January 2011 – starting at 20:00

20:00 – Screening: Robert Heel Instructional Films
22:00 – DJ set: Akustik Haack (Treibgut, Hamburg)
01:00 – Live performance: Jan Hertz (Computerpilots/Diskomafia, Berlin)
02:30 – DJ set: Robosonic (BKI, Berlin)
04:30 – DJ set: Akustik Haack (Treibgut, Hamburg)

Live visuals by Robert Heel

Doorbell right of Kaiser´s entrance displaying: hands on sound stage
Skalitzer Str. 135 a, Kottbusser Tor, 10999 Berlin

screening visual music vj live

Robert Heel Instructional Films Pt. 2

Screening – Robert Heel Instructional Films Pt. 2 and
Audiovisual Performance – Early American Avant-Garde
by Robert Heel and Jan Hertz

Robert Heel Instructional Films Pt. 2
Six shorts and an introduction by the artist and the curators

Robert Heel + Jan Hertz – Audiovisual performance
Early American Avant-Garde

// Date: Fri, 7th Jan. 2011
// Time: 20.00
// Introduction by the artist and the curators
// Entrance free

General Public
Schönhauser Allee 167c
10435 Berlin
U2 > Senefelder Platz
fluctuating images at General Public.
Curated by Cornelia and Holger Lund.

instructional film music screening


Samstag, 12. Dezember 2009, 20.00 Uhr, General Public.
Kuratiert von Cornelia und Holger Lund.
Eine Kooperation von General Public und fluctuating images.

Ort: General Public
Schönhauser Allee 167c
10435 Berlin
U2 > Senefelder Platz



Upcoming screening: backup.festival, 21. may – 24. may 2009, Bauhaus University, Weimar.