PlusMinus“ is a digital bitcrush, distortion, filter and gate effect.

Main goal in the development was to find the balance between raw glitch mayhem and smooth gritty beauty. 

More info here.

The development of the „PlusMinus“ was supported by „Die Beauftragte der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien (BKM)“, „Neustart Kultur“, „Deutscher Künstlerbund“.

LUXX Synthesizer
Drone and Soundscape Synthesizer with six oscillators, indivual FM and wavefolding for each oscillator, lots of LFOs with phase shifting, a tape delay inspired delay, a saturation, distortion and a Lowpass Filter. All built inside a handy suitcase.
Clicks and Cuts Drummachine with six voices, two bitcrusher effects and euclidean sequencing for each voice.
Supported by a “Musikfonds Neustart Kultur” scholarship.
Multieffect (Distortion, Filter, Reverb, Delay, Bit Crusher) and Looper.
Drone Synthesizer with five oscillators with volume and pitch control, distortion and an LFO with eight waveforms.

Piezobox with EQ and amp.
“Dataflex”. Glitch generator with tone control.
Metallic drone box with 4 oscillators, mixed through nand gates, a Sallen & Key Highpass filter and a Low pass gate.

“Zermatt”. A triangle and a sawtooth wave, a Lowpass Filter, voltage starve and a simplified crackle box like touch sound generator.